We’ve all been there. You reach for your tweezer to remove a few stray brow hairs, and a minute later there’s a bald spot in your eyebrow.

4 Angels Beauty Care Brows Threading Downtown Vancouver

Thankfully, there are a few ways to mask the errant use of tweezers – or worse, an at-home brow waxing disaster (I had a bald spot for a month in Grade 12).

Kiran and Kulwinder, the lovely women behind the recently opened 4 Angels Beauty Care salon in Vancouver, share six tips to maintain your brows between treatments, including ways to help promote hair growth and makeup tips to coverup mishaps. We’ll be rubbing some EVOO on our brows tonight!


1. Don’t tweeze between appointments. If you must, only tweeze outside your shape. We always let you know what your ideal shape is during your brow consultation, so there should be no excuse for over-plucking!

2. Don’t use a brow razor in between appointments! Using one can lead to ingrown hairs and you run the risk of taking off too much hair.

3. Use extra virgin olive oil to stimulate hair growth for your eyebrows. Apply gently at nighttime, for best results. This method may not work as fast as hair growth products, but it’s organic and harmless for your sensitive eye area.

Brow Makeup Downtown Vancouver 4 Angels Beauty Care

4. Going for a night out? If you are in the middle of growing the hair out in-between treatments, use brow shadow (available at 4 Angels Beauty Care) to fill in the thin spots and to even your eyebrows.

5. Highlighting under the arch area will add a visual lift to your eye area. Use a neutral tone shimmer (available at 4 Angels Beauty Care) to create a more alert look.

6. Don’t rub your brows harshly after washing your face, it can irritate the eye area. Always pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

4 angels beauty care downtown vancouver brows threading

Trek to the border of Yaletown and the westside to partake in a little piece of brow heaven (plus massage, facials and sari tying) at 4 Angels Beauty Care, located at 1342 Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver.


Story By: Manjot Bains  |  Photographs: 4 Angles Beauty Care Inc.