We're tired of the usual chain coffee shops serving burnt tasting espresso and dishwater coffee. We dream of Parisian lattes and Roman cappuccinos, foamy and smooth. Thank goodness for the Indie Coffee Passport, an all-access discounted pass to fabulous coffee at some of Toronto's best independent coffee shops.

Every time I walk into a cafe, I can't help but stop for a few seconds to take in the delicious aromas of espresso lingering in the air. I take an extra long time finishing my latte, savoring each sip for its depth and richness. So when I discovered the Indie Coffee Passport, I went to heaven. Coffee heaven!

The Indie Coffee Passport is an initiative by 24 of Toronto's independent coffee shops to give Torontonians an irresistible and affordable opportunity to enjoy Toronto's independent coffee culture.

Available for only $25, the passport allows you to visit 24 of Toronto's independent coffee shops and receive one coffee or tea at each location (up to $5 in value on your visit). That means you receive $120 worth of coffee/tea for one incredible price. And until October 1, you can purchase an Indie Coffee Passport for a special discounted price of $20.

The passports can be purchased at any of the 24 participating coffee shops, or online here. For a list of all participating shops, visit www.indiecoffeepassport.com. The Indie Coffee Passport is valid until March 31, 2010.