Write for Jugni Style

Beauty junkie? Closet Bollywood fashion lover? Have a story to tell?

We’re looking for writers with a story to tell – whether it’s about fashion, South Asian style, chocolate (our favourite!) or the theatre – we’re looking for it.

A must-read before you contact us:

  1. Spend some time and read Jugni Style. This will give you an idea of the kinds of stories we cover, and our writing style.
  2. Read our Jugni Style Manifesto here. We’re not kidding, we do not publish stories on dating or why getting married is the most important thing in the world.
  3. What area are you interested in writing for? What’s your area of expertise? Feel free to propose a recurring column for Jugni Style.
Submission Guidelines
  1. Send us your story in Microsoft Word format.
  2. Photography should be compelling, stylized and high quality. Submit photography in jpeg format and remember to include photographer credits and captions if necessary. If you use photography published on another site, include the url link and photography credits in your submission.
  3. Photographers may submit photo essays or runway photography to be featured on Jugni Style. We do not hold exclusive rights over photography.

Reprinting and Republishing Stories on Jugni Style

  1. Articles written for and published on the Jugni Style website become the property of Jugni Style. Any reprinting or reposting of an article first published on Jugni Style will require written permission from the Editorial Director of Jugni Style, and will need to be credited as such: “Originally published at Jugni Style” and include a link to www.jugnistyle.com.
  2. If you run a website or print publication and would like to republish a story from Jugni Style, please contact the Editorial Director of Jugni Style at hello@jugnistyle.com. Reposting or reprinting any story published on Jugni Style must receive written permission from Jugni Style.


If you would like to contribute to Jugni Style, contact: 

Manjot Bains  | Editorial Director