December has been a time for reflection. Not just because the Mayan’s said the world would end, or because we’re thinking about new year resolutions.

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The August hate crime at the Oak Creek gurdwara was heartbreaking, and the more recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School this month was devastating. And as news continues to come in from Delhi, the lack of safety for women there hits too close to comfort – who hasn’t felt a little scared at some point when walking home late at night?

nazmaStorySo during the season of gifting and overindulgence, how do we come to terms with the reality that wars and terror are closer than we would like to think or even sometimes acknowledge? We’ll still be gifting little baubles and t-shirts to our brothers and sisters, but we’re also opening up our hearts to the crisises around the world.

Don’t feel helpless when reading reports of war in Palestine, attacks in small towns in the USA, or assaults on women in Delhi. Consider a donation to an organization that’s doing some good in the world. You may not be able to save a life lost, but you can contribute, in a small way, to helping someone else. We would be happy with a little note in our stocking that says, “this year, Santa’s gift to us is a donation or some volunteer time dedicated to one of the organizations below” (or any organization close to your heart):



Downtown Eastside Womens Centre

Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention


One Drop

Plan Canada

Because I Am a Girl

Be Proud Movement 

Media Smarts


Photograph via Because I Am A Girl