Say goodbye to end-of-summer blues, and “pleased to meet you” to Pimms, Shakespeare, and lazy afternoon window shopping. Stratford, home to Justin Beiber and North America’s largest classical theatre festival, is the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend away.

On a free weekend, I thought I would go and see what Stratford had to offer. I already knew it was where the great works of Shakespeare and other writers are performed, but I wanted to see what else this Southern Ontario town had to offer. Stratford is beautiful, resembling an old English city with its romantic Victorian feel, historical buildings and expansive Shakespearean gardens nestled along the Avon River.

There is plenty to do: you can swim, take a boat tour of Stratford along the Avon, shop in the unique stores or picnic in the park. I decided I wanted to have a real taste of the city and found an enticing restaurant called Pazzo, close to the river. The two-level Italian restaurant was gorgeous, with the upper level designed as city chic with an all white décor, while the downstairs pizzeria had a rustic feel.

The food was phenomenal. I ordered the Don Corleone pizza, which was the best pizza I have eaten outside of Rome. I felt like I was in Italy! I washed that down with a very English summer drink, Pimms. Now I must be honest, it’s difficult to find the perfect Pimms in Canada, but here in Stratford, it was just what the doctor ordered. The restaurant was gorgeous, the menu perfectly simple and the food absolutely wonderful.

I didn’t have time to see a play in Stratford, but I hear they are fantastic and it’s a must see. When I return to Stratford I most definitely will go to see a play and return to Pazzo for another round of Pimms.


How to make the perfect Pimms

Mix one part of Pimms to three parts of lemonade over ice.

Add sliced strawberries, cucumbers, oranges and garnish with a generous amount of mint. Leave in the fridge for around 10 minutes.

Take out of the fridge and enjoy in the sunshine.





Summer in Stratford
Pazzo Restaurant:
Stratford Shakespeare Festival:
Story By: Kiran Dhaliwal  |  Photography Credit:  Stratford Tourism Alliance