Delhi Couture Week 2012: JJ Valaya’s Royal Court

Delhi Couture Week is where established Indian designers come to play. JJ Valaya opened the first day of Delhi Couture Week 2012 with a collection that reflected his traditional, royal aesthetic with velvets, silks and jacquards.

Key fashion trends: Inspired loosely by the Ottoman Empire, the collection spanned elegant, floor-length anarkali-style suits with gold borders, to heavily embroidered lenghas and velvet anarkalis that brides will love. For Winter formalwear, trends include lean silhouettes, brocade jackets worn over evening gowns and saris, gold fabric borders, and thin red belts worn at the waist over saris. JJ Valaya’s presentation was all about classic, regal lenghas, saris, and sherwaanis for men.

indian fashion

Colour trends: Black, gold, hints of red, maroon, orange, turquoise, blue, navy, and ombre shaded saris.

Standout pieces: The collection didn’t bring anything cutting edge or new to Indian fashion, but overall the pieces were beautiful and stuck to JJ Valaya’s classic aesthetic. Pieces we loved include a black sequin evening gown, paired with a high collared, gold brocade jacket with red lining; a sequin embroidered white sari, paired with a brocade, pink and purple knee-length coat; and a turquoise net sari with a long sleeved navy blue blouse, with red border detailing.

indian fashion


indian fashion

 Photography: FDCI