Mindy Kaling has been Instagramming photos of her super lucky assistant, Sonia Kharkar, whose job we openly want and are plotting to acquire.

Mindy Kaling Instagram with assistant

Pick up the dry cleaning? Sure. Buy more pencil bouquets? No problem. The chance to gain Mindy-isms and possibly an ounce of her intellect, sartorial style and sense of humour? Absolutely priceless.


Here are just 5 of a bajillion reasons why we want to be Mindy Kaling’s assistant:

Mindy Kaling Instagram


1. Her awesome wardrobe. Maybe she’ll share? Or she only wears things once and tosses them so you can have all her amazing, cool dresses and jackets and shoes. And jewellery.

Mindy Kaling Instagram in Rachel Roy


2. We’re sure she is a benevolent boss. Based on her Instagram feed, there’s a lot of candy, ice cream and fruit delivered to her studio, and she shares it with all the writers. All of them! We’ll never need to bring lunch.

Mindy Kaling Instagram


3. She’s very funny. And really smart. Have you read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other concerns). Read it.

Mindy Kaling everybody hanging out without me book


4. The Mindy Project Season 3 writer’s retreat was in Vegas. Look how much fun they’re having. Our last retreat was in the marketing director’s condo in Downtown Vancouver.

mindy kaling instagram 10489892_724193290955673_6435277523758551764_n


5. She takes you out on dessert dates. Damn you, Sonia Kharkar.

Mindy Kaling assistant Instagram

*We are not stalkers.


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