Us gals come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few key things that we all can do to maximize our assets. You don’t need to be a “style icon” to pull off these looks. With a little creativity and our stylish tips, you’ll be turning heads, even at the office.



A fitted blazer can jazz up any outfit, whether you pair it with your favourite jeans or throw it over a cocktail dress. You instantly look put together. And add a little colour to your life with the hottest colours of the season. Bold is beautiful so opt for mustard, rust or jade, but if that’s not your style, try navy for a feminine touch.



Chipped nails are our biggest pet-peeve. There’s nothing like chipped nails that makes a gal look as if she doesn’t care about her appearance. Yes, we’re all guilty of accidently chipping a nail on our way out, but if you don’t take care of that after 24 hours, you absolutely have no excuse. Weekly upkeep is imperative, and if you’re one of those gals prone to chips, stick to nude colours as it’s a little less obvious. My fave colours at the moment are, “Meep Meep” from the OPI Muppets collection and Nicki Minaj OPI “Metallic For Life”.




If there’s anything you could splurge on, it’s accessories. Think timeless, not trendy as this will maximize your investment. I’m talking about belts, handbags, a classic clutch, rings, necklaces, headbands, earrings, 3-inch heels, etc. And like poker chips, bracelets are better when they’re stacked high. Plus, don’t be afraid to raid your Indian jewelry collection and mix it up with your everyday wear. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.




When I say colour-coordinated I’m not taking about matching your eye-shadow with your shirt. That’s a major fashion faux-pas and don’t let us see you doing it. Rather, tying your lipstick colour to your shoes or belt can really brush up your look. And think about complementary colours to spruce up your look.




Take a creative cue from the style icons and the runway; braided hairstyles are all the rage this season. Braids are casual and chic. Whether you’re rocking a fish braid or an updo, these classic yet stylish looks really increase the glam factor.


Story By: Sukhi Ghuman