Still freaking out about your holiday party wardrobe? Stylist Saima Hasan shares five looks to help you plan your outfits using clothes from your own closet.

still from Mindy Project Christmas Mindy Kaling

Story by Saima Hasan, Stylist. Photo still from The Mindy Project on FOX.

One of the most appealing things about the holiday season (besides Love Actually playing on TV at any given moment) is the festive spirit and those fun holiday parties! But it’s no fun to fret over wardrobe decisions, so we make it easy for you with 5 holiday party looks to inspire every woman, so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself (like Mindy above, except without the wine-filled bra).


1. Miss Classy Holiday: A girl cannot go wrong with keepin’ it classy, so pull out that LBD (Little Black Dress or switch it up with a Little White Dress), pull your hair back and jazz it up with some blinged out earrings or a statement necklace (this is where you pull out one of your many handy Indian jewelry sets that you overspent on for your cousin’s wedding and haven’t used since…)

Holiday Style Guide with Saima Hasan


2. Miss Sporty Holiday: This could be a dream come true for many of us: sweatshirts can be dressy! Either find a previously embellished sweatshirt OR pair your biggest, statement necklace (above mentioned Indian jewelry set would come in handy here) with a slim fitting sweatshirt for the win! Pair with a skirt, or pull it over a short cocktail dress and master the fine balance that is comfy style.

Holiday Style Guide for the sporty woman


3. Miss Glam-Bot Holiday: Glam reminds me of Priyanka Chopra, Kim K or Beyonce – this is where you get that sequined, body hugging dress on, blow out that hair, put on those lashes (with kajal, obvs) and let the paparazzi shoot away!

Holiday style guide by saima hasan


4. Miss Trendy Holiday: The confidence level needs to be High to rock this look – it requires you to strut your stuff….I say we all have it in us to rock a jumpsuit! Pair it with a strategically placed belt or a metallic cuff to break up the monotone look and you are good to go.



5. Miss Suited Holiday: There is nothing sexier then a full suit on a woman. Keep the hair out and flowy, go glam with the makeup and pair with a silk camisole underneath for just the perfect amount of sexy! Of course, don’t forget your fave heels!

Miss Suited Holiday


Saima Hasan is a fashion stylist and writer based in Toronto, ON. Her classic yet trendy style sensibility makes her a fashion advice go-to for many women. For style questions, Tweet or Instagram her at @saimastyle.