We love fragrances that takes us away to far away exotic places. Also, we love smelling good too!

The Body Shop has an interesting collection of fragrances containing 100% organic alcohol and globally sourced natural extracts. Doesn’t that sound environmentally friendly? But the question is, do they actually smell as good as they sound? Jugni Style has the deets.


Our Review: With 100% organic alcohol and natural extracts, we’re expecting these fragrances to deliver a beautiful scent, and that they do. The collection features 5 different fragrances, but Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Indian Night Jasmine and Amazonian Wild Lily are our favourites. The scents are not overpowering and beautifully blend in with your skin to give you a natural and subtle scent that lasts for most of the day.

Our Wish: We were quite impressed with how long the eau de toilette scents lasted – we only had to touchup once, and with only a teeny bit. However, the scents are also available as perfumed oils in small 15 ml bottles which last all day and don’t need to be reapplied, but we wish these perfumed oils were available in bigger bottles.

Tip: Putting a little fragrance on the palms of your hands, on your neck and collar bone allows you to radiate the scents for a prolonged period of time, while making the scent blend in with your natural smell.

The Eau de Toilette fragrances are available in The Body Shop stores across Canada and online for only $22.00. Small perfumed oils are also available for $12.00.