Taking you inside the colourful universe of one of the UK’s most creative young minds, Inkquisitive. 


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love” – Rumi

It was a rare occasion to have the “whos who” of Toronto’s South Asian community all in one room, but a certain talented young lad was able to do just that one mild evening in early December.

Amandeep Singh, aka Inkquisitive, is a UK-based illustrator whose work ranges from great Sikh warriors to hip-hop legends, to tribute pieces for the Wisconsin shooting tragedy. Imagine sketches of Guru Gobind Singh in one corner, Obama in another, Nikki Minaj and Drake across the way, and finally, an image of the Golden Temple in the centre. Each image is full of vibrant colour.


“I believe in imperfection being beauty.”

What strikes me most is how naturally Inkquisitive transcends genre. He pulls together different members of society. As a self-described introvert, he is definitely more comfortable sharing his expression through visual art, than speaking to a crowd of people. And at just 26 years of age, Inkquisitive is fortunate to have found his calling in the world. “Art for me is like a big hug. Its like a shadow. I can’t live without it.”


You can hear his Essex accent in words like “controlled chaos”,or “imperfectly perfect”, which is how he defines his artwork.

“Everything at this exhibition has some sort of aspect of my life. Whether it’s a lyrical song or an image of a guru, there’s some kind of connection there. Most of the artwork I’m producing now is based on dreams.”

I ask Inkquisitive how his work has been received in the South Asian community. “You get put down a bit. How’s the doodling going? How’s the comic drawing going? In a way, that makes me smile. At least they know I’m in a different element. Everyone has that passion. I am strong believer in doing what I am doing.” He notes that his family has been supportive from the outset.

Watch Inkquisitive’s collaboration with Tigerstyle.

The incredibly talented Inkquisitive is currently working on more pieces from his African Nihang Project and illustrating a children’s book.


Story By: Priya Chopra | Photography Courtesy: Amandeep Singh