Vintage Inspiration by Anamika Khanna at India Couture Week 2014

Anamika Khanna is one of our favourite Indian designers. She creates works of art, with masterful draping and design.Anamika Khanna India Couture Week 2014

Instead of a runway show in Delhi, Anamika Khanna brought India Couture Week to her hometown in Kolkata, where her new collection, “Luxury 2014″ (okay, that’s not a very original name) was presented as an installation at her boutique.

Inspired by vintage and globalized fashion, the installation was a blend of Anamika’s love for everything organic and vintage. “I have always been a lover of vintage pieces, which I have been collecting for many years now,” Anamika said from Kolkata. “They emit a distinctive glamour which leaves you spellbound, in terms of the craft techniques used.”
Anamika Khanna india couture week 2014

The fabrics range from silk organza to luxurious muslins, the techniques include everything from English floral patterns to African tribal forms, which are all brought together seamlessly. We’re craving a sheer, floral embroidered cape from this collection.

Trends: Capes, English floral prints, laces, scalloped edges, and embroidered appliques.

Styling: Invest in an embroidered vest, lace cape or kimono, or embroidered jacket to pair over dresses, lehengas, saris, and churidar suits.

Anamika Khanna india couture week 2014anamika 5anamika 4anamika 3anamika 2anamika 1Anamika Khanna india couture week 2014Anamika Khanna India Couture Week 2014

Courtesy Photographs