Arthur Mendonça celebrated a milestone that not many designers achieve – 10 years on the runway, which he celebrated by making at Toronto Fashion Week with his colourful Spring/Summer 2013 collection inspired by Japanese culture.

The Japanese influence and inspiration came in the form of mandarin style collars, kimono like blazers and coats, as well as dresses, pleating and folds (indicative of origami), and Obi sashes paired with thin belts (which I thought was very chic).

Mendonça definitely included a mix of what was gracing the runways throughout fashion week including suit separates, a very diverse and bold selection of dresses with strong structure and soft silhouettes. It was a mix of ultra-feminine, cultural elegance and bold confidence.

My favourite outfit/look was the tailored, pleated coral coloured pants, with a nude top and white vest. It was the silky material, the silhouette and the colour pairings that left a lasting impression. It’s a look for the casual girl running from one end of the city to the other, and a wonderful outfit to wear out for a night with friends as well.

One thing that was undeniable about Mendonça‘s show was his use of colour – something that still beamed in the eyes of spectators as they exited the runway. Electric blues and purples, deep and silky shades of burgundy and purple, and metallic colours that sent shocks to the eye.


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Story By: Daniel Pillai  |  Photo Credit: George Pimental