Ashish Gupta showed his Autumn 2014 collection at London Fashion Week Autumn this week, and it was a heady mix of tulle, denim and platform sneakers.

Ashish Gupta London Fashion Week Autumn 2014 trends

Story by Rumnique Nannar 

Ashish Gupta finds inspiration in the ordinary and routine, but with a helpful dose of embellishment and sequins. Last season, he looked to the local cornershops and Coca Cola, but for this year’s London Fashion Week, his RTW Autumn 2014 collection consisted of a Nineties throwback .

Platform light-up trainers, prom queen tulle skirts and sequins abound. This collection was different from previous Ashish lines, with more structured silhouettes like the sequinned black dress with pearl embellishments.

Ashish Gupta London Fashion Week Fall 2014

Insider Tip: Ashish has collaborated with TopShop in the past, and just before his show, announced their second collaboration will be coming soon.


I loved that Ashish looked to the Nineties without bypassing his characteristic flair for fun and humour. Who else could pull off an extremely ruffled denim pantsuit that wouldn’t look out of place in a Destiny’s Child video, and still make it look fabulous and well-crafted too? Ashish’s creations were a pure fairytale confection with models wearing tiaras, Chanel-inspired pearl details on each outfit, and rainbow hair.


The line was certainly one of the most fun and humourous shows of London Fashion Week, impressing audience members like Lily Allen, who snapped photos of this gorgeous pink prom dress.


Ashish also used a lot of that branding that typified nineties fashion, with fantastic retro jeans with “VOGUE” emblazoned on them, which gave us a bit of a chuckle and a shudder of recognition. He even experimented with frayed jersey that looked like they were cassette tapes gone awry.


Sports luxe seemed to be a theme for both Ashish and Tom Ford, whose line featured shiny sequinned baseball jerseys. You can always count on Ashish to bring that certain flair and verve with his innovative collections each year. I might need to break out my light-up trainers after this brilliant showcase!


Story By: Rumnique Nannar