The wonderful women at Vasanti Cosmetics share their makeup bag must-haves and tips with Jugni Style.

Beauty Bag

  1. 3 makeup bag must haves for every woman: Concealer, Mascara and Tinted Lipbalm
  2. Most common mistake made by woman on a daily basis: Wrong shade of foundation – get matched up with a Vasanti shade that is super flexible so you can’t go wrong.
  3. Easiest way to go from a day look to an evening look? Bolder lip colour, more gloss and an extra coat of mascara
  4. Skin care regime?  Cleanse (Detox Cleanser), Exfoliate (Brighten up) and Treat (Eye wonder)

Man Bag

  1. Why should every man carry a man bag? You need your stuff, and men are taking care of themselves more and more, and it’s one place for all their grooming needs. I don’t know any man that doesn’t already have one…they may not admit it.
  2. Items to keep on a daily basis? Brighten up, Eye Wonder and Lipbalm
  3. Biggest concern for men in terms of skin care? What’s the solution? Dark undereye shadows and shiny acne prone skin at any age. Eye Wonder for the shadows and Brighten up helps with the blemishes and keeps the skin clean. It also helps with cell turnover to combat [acne].
  4. Most common mistake men make with their skin? Drying it out with harsh soap or cleansers that make the skin feel tight.

Story by: Daniel Pillai