We love natural body products, so when we came across Love Fresh, it was smiles all around.


What makes the body goodies from Love Fresh so appealing is the unique selection of scents including Pomegranate, Pear, Naked, Water Lily or Key Lime Coconut. We also love that the products are made from local Canadian ingredients.

Love Fresh has been getting great buzz for their high quality product and the sugar scrubs are their best seller.

We caught up with Founder and Creator, Stacey Davis, who shared some insider info on her cult line of skincare products.

Tell us what inspired you to create a Bath and Body line?…and why the name “Love Fresh”?

I was studying aromatherapy 13 years ago and had no idea what I was going to do with all of the information that I had learned, so I decided to take some courses on cold process soap making. I was hooked. I loved the process of creating something from a few very simple ingredients. It was like Christmas morning every time I made a batch of soap (and who doesn’t love Christmas morning?)

After experimenting with different recipes, I decided that I wanted to sell my goods to the public. I knew I needed to come up with a name.  The word “fresh” made complete sense to me but I was looking for a .com website. I went through every adjective I could think of that would make it even more meaningful…and decided on “Love”.

Your line is quite unique in that it is 100% Canadian and made from fresh local ingredients. 

Being a Canadian company is extremely important to me.  I believe it is one reason we stand out amongst the stiff competition.



Your products are not only natural, but they have beautiful packaging. What inspired this?

Although we have a very natural line of body products, I felt they deserved to be packaged well. There has always been a disconnect between natural products and fabulous packaging.  Why not marry the two, right? I love design and have always thought I would make a pretty good interior decorator.

What are your most popular products/scent?

By far our most popular scent is Pear. It is just a little bit of something different. I think the general public loves that!

What’s next for Love Fresh?

LOVE FRESH is expanding a little bit every year.  I want to make a men’s line in the near future.  I have been working/ dreaming about it for a few months now.

Love Fresh is available at specialty spas in select cities across Canada.