You would think that celebrity makeup artist, Eve Pearl, would be intimidating, with her five Emmys and famous clients including Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson and Meredith Vieira.

But Eve Pearl was down-to-Earth and friendly during her trip to Vancouver recently, where she shared makeup techniques at Curlique beauty shop. We got a chance to chat with Eve about her work with celebrity clients and her natural makeup line, Eve Pearl.

Jugni Style: Why does your line only carry a few select products?

Eve Pearl: My goal is to take the fear out of makeup. I created a simple palette that can be used by everyone regardless of their skin colour. This palette comes with 2 cream foundation shades, 2 cream concealers, 1 cream blush, 1 mattifier, and 1 illuminator. These products are perfect for sensitive skin. You only need this palette with you to achieve a flawless face.

Eve Pearl Beauty Tip: “Learn to do easy makeup techniques that will make you feel like yourself and feel good in your own skin. It’s important to take the fear out of makeup.”


Jugni Style: Who was your favourite celebrity client?

Eve Pearl: It is hard to say who my favorite celebrity is. I have been blessed to work with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Simpson. I have met Lady Gaga but I haven’t worked with her. I loved just being around Lady Gaga. The women that have inspired me are women like Meredith Vieira and Barbara Walters. I also worked with Arianna Huffington, who is the Editor-In-Chief for the Huffington Post. Arianna is in her 60s and I find her constantly evolving. I become inspired more by the person and not the celebrity part.

Eve Pearl on South Asian representation in the makeup industry:

South Asian’s are underrepresented in the makeup industry. The colour range for South Asians is between light, medium and dark. The whole South Asian community gets left out even during marketing and advertising campaigns for makeup. You don’t see many South Asian women in those advertisements when they are part of a huge worldwide market of women.

You probably find that foundations or products are not specifically made for you. I have created this line to deal with the dark under eye circles, the oranges and yellow hues found in South Asian colour. South Asian women tend to not have one distinct skin tone. It ranges from light to dark. I don’t want to confuse women. It is not as difficult as we try to make it out to be. This kit helps with the yellow undertones found in South Asian skin and the Salmon concealer acknowledges the blue hues underneath the eyes.

Eve Pearl on her book, Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery:

I was thinking that instead of plastic surgery you could do all these different makeup techniques and that is how the book came about. I created alternatives to plastic surgery that women can do with makeup. This technique is something I learned through my work with theater. I had to restructure someone’s face through using only makeup.

Eve’s advice for women who are afraid of enhancing their natural beauty with makeup:

There is hope for us. We may feel that we have a scar or acne that makes us different from the rest of the world. The best advice I can give is visit a professional and find different ways to treat your skin or concerns you may have for your skin. Read blogs and watch makeup tutorials [online] that teach you different ways to handle your skin. This goes for everything. I had issues with my weight and I have lost a lot of weight through eating the right foods and staying away from junk. It takes a lot of discipline. We all have specific issues with our bodies that we don’t like and we find ways to learn to deal with it and work with it.

Find Eve Pearl’s cosmetic line at Blanche MacDonald’s Curlique store in Vancouver, or at resellers across Toronto.

Story By: Jyoti Sahota | Photography Courtesy: Dela Cruz PR and Jyoti Sahota