It’s like the fountain of youth in a scrub. Goodbye exfoliators and welcome BrightenUp! Our girls at Vasanti Cosmetics have released a new product that helps your skin glow and become smoother and more clear.

BrightenUp! is an enzymatic face rejuvenator that improves your skin’s texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin. It brightens with powerful enzymes that give radiance, and exfoliates and gently cleanses with dermatologist grade micro-crystals.


What’s in it: Papaya Enzymes which naturally and gently dissolve dead skin cells and debris, helping to fade dark marks, and even out skin tone. Also, papaya naturally has acne treatment properties. The scrub is also powered by Micro Crystals which are the second hardest minerals next to diamonds and aid in the exfoliation process. Read the full list of ingredients.

Our Review: Having tried hundreds of exfoliators over the years, I can happily say that I may have found The One. It’s THAT good. It’s gentle enough to use on a daily basis, and after my first use, I noticed a visible difference immediately – my skin felt and looked smoother and brighter and the results only got stronger over time. I used BrightenUp! 2-3 times a week, as recommended, but during periods where my skin was oiler, stressed or experiencing breakouts, I used the scrub daily.

Downfall: Only downfall is that our skin can get accustomed to this scrub over time. Boo hoo!

BrightenUp! is available for $34.00 at various Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall stores across Canada where Vasanti Cosmetics items are sold. It is also available online at