We’re a little obsessed with hair oils. Something to do with our Indian upbringing; remember those slick oiled plaits held up by colourful ribbons?

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Hair Oil South Asian Beauty Review

So finding the best hair oil treatment has become a mission for us. Read on for our review of Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil – Frizz Defy.

What it does: Smoothes frizz, creates shine without residue, and nourishes hair with Amla and Jojoba Oil. There are five ways to use this oil: before shampooing, mixed into your conditioner to help detangle hair, after showering to help speed up blowdrying, as an overnight treatment, and to finish your hairstyle by smoothing onto the ends.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, simmondsia chnensis seed oil, benzyl alcohol, linalool, carrot oil, hexyl cinnamal, amyl cinnamal, phyllanthus embilica fruit extract, parfum.

The test: I massaged this oil into my hair as a pre-shampoo treatment and then mixed it with my conditioner to help with detangling. It didn’t help detangle my dry/frizzy hair. After washing, I massaged a bit of oil into my hair before blowdrying. I usually use pure coconut oil (desi style!) or Dermorganic Argan Oil as my post-wash, pre-dry oil treatment. Both work much better for my hair (dry, curly, frizzy, coloured).

Our verdict: Bypass this product for something more natural and effective. 1/5


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