Here’s a New Year’s beauty resolution we can get behind: say no to the flat iron and embrace your natural curly locks.

In keeping with this resolution, I recently tried Curl Keeper by Jonathan Torch’s Curly Hair Solutions. Was this the answer to my frizzy haired woes? Read on to find out.

Product: Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions.

What is it: Serum that defrizzes and maintains your locks at all times.

What Jugni Style Loves: I loved using the Curl Keeper because it maintained my hair’s natural texture in a controlled manner. There was no extra gunk, odor or oily feeling from the product.

For a recent party I decided to go au naturel rather than my usual flat ironed ‘do. Curl Keeper was great, all I did was wash my hair like I usually do and rub Curl Keeper through my damp locks. My curly hair stayed frizz free and looked amazing all night.

Where you can get it: Purchase this Curl Keeper serum at Frizzoff.

Our rating: 5/5 – I loved it.


Some retro hair inspiration: people may say no to 1980s curly hair, but they were the iconic hair moments!


Story by: Jyoti Sahota