Does the idea of rubbing tumeric on to your face sound crazy? Trust us, it’s not. Find out why in our beauty review of Vatna Skin Ritual by sohni.


Product: vatna skin ritual by sohni

What it does: It’s the new age vatna (mayian) that won’t cause any skin irritation. Calgary-based beauty company, sohni, has created a hypoallergenic vatna (an age-old Indian tumeric-based mask) with edible ingredients that include mango, coconut cream, aloe, black pepper, ginger, lemongrass,turmeric and vitamin E to moisturize and brighten the skin.

The process: Wash and dry your face and apply the vatna on your skin and leave it on until it’s dry, (approximately 10 mins). After it’s completely dry, wipe off the vatna with a warm towel. You’re skin will look even and radiant. (Mine did and I’m allergic to a lot of things!)

What Jugni Style loves: I’ve always had dry, blotchy skin and my mom has tried homemade vatna on me, but I broke out everytime. The vatna skin ritual by sohni helped my dry skin and reduced the redness, and brightened it up as well.

What Jugni Style didn’t like: The glass jar the product comes in looks really nice, but it’s not good to travel with; the lid can come off and the creamy texture tends to pucker up and squish out a little when you pop the lid on and off, making it a bit messy.

Where can you get it: To order vatna skin ritual by sohni email or
call 403 264 6262. It’s available in two sizes: 2oz jar ideal for weekly home facials $45 and 12oz jar ideal for the vatna ceremony $85.

Our Rating: Great product – 3.5 /5