The holidays are the perfect time to support a cause that makes a difference around the world. We have our eyes on a gift from The Body Shop, which gives back to the community while helping you look good.

This Holiday season is definitely gearing up to be a special one at The Body Shop. At Jugni Style we are passionate about giving back to communities around the world…and shopping at The Body Shop is a lovely way to do that!

The School of Beauty gift box made in conjunction with Get Paper Industries (GPI) helps you give the joy and opportunity of education to over 700 less fortunate children living in the Himalayas. With the purchase of each School of Beauty gift box, 4% of the proceeds will go towards funding social projects in Nepal and giving children the opportunity to gain an education.

Each School of Beauty gift box comes with a fruity mix of three shower gels, a body butter, a lip butter and a bath lily. Everything you need to be a bath time beauty…for only $25. It makes a great hostess gift, or a little something to slip your bestie over the holidays.

If that wasn’t enough encouragement to get you into giving back this holiday season, The Body Shop supports more than 300,000 farmers, artisans and their respective communities. It’s time to rejoice!

Facts that Make a Difference

  • Get Paper Industries, together with General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP), the NGO it established, supports seven schools in and around the Kathmandu valley.
  • In Nepal, girls are less likely to attend school than boys and approximately 60% of girls receive little or no education. GWP funds a ‘Send Our Daughters to School’ campaign, sponsoring over 150 girls to attend local schools.
  • GPI employs more than 300 women for much of the year and pays them the same wage as men – a rare phenomenon in Nepal – helping to raise the women’s status in their community. The co-operative’s producers also benefit from health checks and medical support.
  • Nepal is at the heart of the world’s sex trafficking industry. GPI and GWP are actively involved in income generation programs to help stop trafficking, as well as alternative trade training for sex workers and offering scholarships to sex workers’ daughters.
  • GPI is dedicated to planting more trees than it uses in its paper products.

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Story By: Daniel Pillai