There's more to the queer community in Toronto than the annual Pride Festival. A groundbreaking photography exhibit is showing the many diverse faces of queer women, with a focus on their collective and individual experiences living in Toronto.

The queer community in Toronto is a unique one, but its diversity is often misrepresented by mainstream media, particularly its representation of queer women and trans-folk. To highlight the variety and diversity of queer women in a primarly white male dominated space, researchers/photographers Taryn Pimento and Margo Foster interviewed over 40 100 women and created a collection of photographs to represent the diverse, unique and colorful community of queer women in Toronto.  

A special gallery opening will be held showcasing these photographs at The Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto on Thursday, November 11. The event will feature a live performance by SHE KING and music by DJ COZMIC CAT. 

November 5 to 24, 2010
1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON


Visit Queer in Toronto for more information on the project.