Everything you Need to Know to Look Boho Chic.

When wedding season feels more like a vice than a warm embrace, do what we do: grab a unique yet stylish bohemian sari and make heads turn.

Herewith, JugniStyle’s guide to the perfect Boho sari.

First, the Bohemian sari is known for its unconventional style. We just love the free-flowing cloth  that glows of self-expression.  It’s a casual mix of ethnic empress meets gypsy queen.

Typical bohemian saris are rich and warm in colour, so focus on hints of black, brown, cream, white, khaki and olive green and build it with gold, silver, grays, dark red, deep purple and other vibrant colours. And don’t go overboard with the colour combinations. Keep it simple with no more than 3-4 colours.

And no sari would be complete without some amazing accessories. We’ve got this beautiful Indian jewellery so you might as well use it.  If you can, go digging in your Mom’s closet – we’re sure she’s got some treasures from the early 80s you can use.  Ditch the typical gold set and opt for layered necklaces or multiple bangles in different colours, and choose a necklace and tikka that compliment the shape of your face.

Lastly, feel comfortable. Boho fashion is considered a state of mind rather than a fashion trend that will fade. So relax, and wear your sari with individuality and pride, just like we do.



Story By: Sukhi Ghuman