Summer Style Guide: The Bomber Jacket

Our Spring style obsession is the bomber jacket. Dressed up or down, relatively gender neutral and flattering for most body types, the bomber jacket is simple perfection.

Bomber jackets styles

Traditionally made of leather or nylon and lined with sheepskin or silk, the modern bomber jacket design was inspired by the classic flight jacket, which was created by Leslie Irvin in the 1920s for the Royal Air Force in England. Although their original intention was to keep pilots warm and serve as a uniform of sorts, they quickly became sought after throughout England and the USA.

Today, bomber jackets are made in a variety of different materials, including faux sheepskin, leather, silk, handwoven cotton, mesh, lace, and neoprene.

If you take a look through the latest fashion collections on Lyst, you can use their “any gender” search feature to see how different designers are presenting their take on the bomber jacket. A quick search reveals that everyone from ASOS to Zilli are creating their unique take on the jacket.

Maria Sharapova bomber jacket

Maria Sharapova wears a beautiful embroidered bomber

For women, a floral bomber jacket can help you satisfy the trend while taking advantage of the most traditional pattern for the season. It also adds a bit of femininity to a piece that can easily teeter into masculine territory. The same goes for a jacket adorned with embroidery—just take Maria Sharapova’s recent outfit. While out running errands in New York City, the tennis star sported her embroidered bomber with a pair of leather trousers and ankle boots.

Floral or embroidered designs look just as great when paired with a flat coloured dress or top and a pair of skinny jeans. Try a bomber over a crop top and flowing midi skirt for a different look.

We love it when we can mix our everyday wardrobe with our Indian or South Asian clothes. Step outside your comfort zone and consider wearing an embroidered bomber over a cotton or chanderi sari, or pair a sleek silk or leather bomber with a brocade lehenga. The aunties will be staring (which means you got the look right).

Rahul mishra chintz bomber jacket

Rahul Mishra Bomber Jacket, FW 2015

Even though it’s a spring trend, you can expect to get plenty of use out of your bomber for seasons to come. It’s a vintage, timeless look that deserves space in your wardrobe this year.