Brown ladies always knew the importance of good eyebrows. The 1001 threading salons across the country are a testament to our need for the perfect arch. But no two brows are ever the same, and brow trends come and go. To find out the shape du jour, we headed over to the eyebrow mavens at Bombay Brow Bar, and over caramel macchiatos in Yaletown, we discussed why brows are so hot right now.

Ravy Mehroke and Amy Minhas know a few things about great eyebrows. The brow-obsessed sisters opened Bombay Brow Bar in Vancouver's Yaletown earlier this year, and they've been on a mission to save brows, one person at a time, ever since.

What are the Fall beauty trends for brows?

BBB Girls: Full, arched brows are in. Steer away from thin or overly rounded brows. The point it to accentuate your eyes, not looked surprised.

"Fuller brows can bring a youthful look to your face." Ravy Mehroke, Ms. High Brow/CEO, Bombay Brow Bar.


Well-arched divas with brows to follow this Fall, as recommended by the BBB Girls: Kim Kardashian, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Like with make-up, it's about the 50s and 60s sirens, the curvy, sexy woman with full, natural-looking, but well manicured brows.

"Brows were never in or out of style. It's just more of a trend for everyone now." Amy Minhas, Head Esthetician/Co-Founder at Bombay Brow Bar.

Sometimes we get lazy and forget to groom our brows. Is it really that big of a deal?

BBB Girls: Good brows can give you a mini facelift without the botox. Even if you don't have time to come in, it's good to at least get your brows shaped by a professional and then maintain it yourself.

A few things we loved at Bombay Brow Bar: The Eyebrow Make-up is a must! Get a consult on which shade is right for your brow (I've been using a shade way too dark for brow for years). Bombay Brow Bar also offers brow tinting and lash tinting to add that extra oomph to your eyes. For the details, visit