Bryan Adams Photographs Jagmeet Singh + Lisa Ray

Wow. To celebrate Yorkdale’s 50th Anniversary, the Toronto luxury mall asked Bryan Adams to photograph ten Toronto style makers, including the ever stylish politician Jagmeet Singh and actress Lisa Ray.MPP Jagmeet Singh Photographed By Bryan Adams Yorkdale Style

We’re in awe. A turban wearing Sikh man is photographed by pop star-turned-fashion-photographer Bryan Adams for a series celebrating style in Toronto? And said photograph is now hanging as a huge banner at Yorkdale Mall? Fantastic. Crazy. Almost unbelievable.

With his cover for Toronto Life‘s Fall 2013 Stylebook and this Yorkdale campaign, not to mention his style conscious Instagram feed, we’re crowing Mr. Singh as the most stylish politician in the country.

Seeing Jagmeet Singh celebrated like this must be pretty amazing for all the turban-wearing men who have experienced racist taunts, been told they’re not attractive, heard “I don’t date guys who wear turbans,” or been portrayed as caricatures of themselves by mainstream and Indian media. Take a bow, Jagmeet, and congratulations.

Lisa Ray photographed by Bryan Adams for Yorkdale Style

Oh right, the others. Bryan Adams also photographed Lisa Ray, designer Lucien Matis, TIFF exec Cameron Bailey, TV host Jeanne Beker and others. See all the photographs here.

Photography: Bryan Adams for Yorkdale Mall