Take 85 amazing women, 2 smart ladies with a great idea, and tons of business cards, and you have Vancouver’s first South Asian women’s networking event, BYOBF.

BYOBF or Be Your Own Best Friend, launched in Vancouver on March 29 to great success, bringing together women from diverse backgrounds. While sipping sweet cocktails and munching on delicious cupcakes and sour key candies, women connected with other women, building new friendships and business leads at the same time.

What we love most: Building quality relationships is at the centre of BYOBF’s mandate – co-founders Sukhi Ghuman and Manpreet Dhillon (both entrepreneurs themselves) are trying to create a sisterly support network for South Asian women through BYOBF. Fantastic!

Networking mavens can expect future events to be smaller, more intimate affairs, where they can meet like-minded, South Asian women interested in fostering new business and personal relationships. And with the diverse turnout of makeup artists, marketing consultants, small business owners and accountants at the first BYOBF event, future events will be the perfect place to expand your network.

What’s Behind the Name: Co-founder Manpreet Dhillon chose “Be Your Own Best Friend” as the name of the organization because she believes that it’s important to be your own best friend before someone else can be. This statement resonated with her for years and she’s now passing her wisdom onward.

What’s Next: The duo is working on a BYOBF website where South Asian women can advertise and support each other’s businesses. The monthly BYOBF events (the next one is on April 25) will showcase different speakers and workshops.

Join us and connect with some of the best and brightest South Asian mavens in Vancouver.

The next BYOBF Network Night takes place at Sutra Modern Indian Restaurant on Wednesday, April 25, 2012. Early Bird Tickets are available until April 20, 2012, and regular-priced tickets can be purchased online here.

Jugni Style is proud to sponsor the BYOBF Network Night – we’ll see you there!


Story By: Jyoti Sahota  |  Event Photography By: Dempy K Dhami