Enter the modern bagh at Push Festival, and experience a night of hip-hop by Mandeep Sethi, live graffiti art by Nisha Sembi, and spoken word performance by Rupi Kaur.

Mandeep Sethi Push Festival

Jugni Style is proud to sponsor Char Bagh at Club PuSh at PuSh Festival, on Saturday, January 31 at Performance Works at Granville Island. 

Char Bagh is a Persian-style quadrilateral garden divided by water and pathways; a space where communities gather for exchange and contemplation. Experience four methods of storytelling at this special curated modern bagh at Club PuSh: Mandeep Sethi spits hip hop with a social conscience; graffiti artist Nisha K. Sembi responds with painting; Rupi Kaur’s sensitive eye captures and celebrates graveyard shift labour and the beauty of broken English; all followed by a dance party DJed by Mandeep Sethi.

Nisha Sembi Kalakari Crew Push Festival

Mandeep Sethi is a global shapeshifter who uses film and music to create change, with a specific focus on the fifth element of hip hop culture: Knowledge. The California grown emcee and youth worker is an active contributor to India’s blooming hip-hop scene, and his past projects include opening for Mos Def in London, Word to Your MotherlandBlack Mahal, and Folk Lok. Joining Mandeep is Nisha K. Sembi of Kalakari Crew. Nisha uses her art as a platform to bridge self expression with social change. By combining Indian culture with hip-hop culture, Nisha has channeled a new style called Kalakari (“artistry”) through which she has been crafting art work, digital design projects, and apparel design that break through traditional boundaries and bring forth a fresh and eclectic urban/cultural aesthetic.

Rupi Kaur Push Festival

Rounding out the evening is Toronto-based writer and spoken word artist, Rupi Kaur. Through her creative work she crafts the world around her through her poems, and documents the experiences of being a diasporic coloured woman.

Bending the rules of music, visual art and storytelling, these artists manipulate and reconstruct old forms to speak new tongues through digital media, graffiti, hip-hop, and spoken word. The tales that emerge speak about immigrant experience, identity, love, and class.

Char Bagh at Club PuSh | Saturday, January 31 at 8pm | Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street at Granville Island, Vancouver | Buy Tickets


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