Oh, what do we hate most about cold, windy Fall weather? Not the lack of sun (we do miss you), but the number it does on our sensitive visage. Dry, cracked skin and scaly, peeling patches on our face mean we're constantly piling on the latest wonder cream or serum in hopes of smooth, dewy cheeks. And writer Daniel Pillai may have found just the thing to cure our Fall skin dilemmas.

On the hunt for good skincare products, I recently discovered three products by Clarity Clinical Skin Care at a facial spa, and these products have worked wonders on my skin, especially during these chilly months.

The first is a vitamin nourishing spray called Take Your Vitamins ™. This spray is applied to damp skin after cleansing and helps prepare the skin to fully soak the serums and moisturizers to follow. It also adds to the skin a daily dose of over 70 essential vitamins and minerals that soothe yours skin after cleansing or exfoliating or whenever it is irritated by drier, colder climates. Just carry it in your bag!



The second is simply a miracle in a bottle. Daily Dose of Water ™ is Clarity Clinical Skin Care’s hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally produced substance found in the human body and can hold over 1000 times of its weight in water in one single drop. This acid has been derived, tested and formulated into a small bottle and one pea-sized drop carries a large amount of water to the skin for optimal hydration.



The third is another bottle of drops, which delivers amazing results in little as one week. Nourish Your Skin ™ is a moisturizing oil containing 100% Squalane, which is an active ingredient derived from the olive. Smooth just 2 to 3 drops onto a freshly cleansed face and it is easily absorbed into the skin, providing deep hydration and allows oxygen to flow into the skin. This oil can also be a savior when we all experience a breakout, as it is heals uncomplicated acne and promotes clear, bright and healthy skin.



For more information on these products and to find out where you can purchase Clarity Clinical Skin Care, visit www.clarityclinicalskincare.com. Bon voyage, dry skin!

Story By: Daniel Pillai