Riz Ahmed x Kate Hudson x Om Puri x Kiefer Sutherland x Mira Nair = most anticipated film for 2013: The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

reluctant fundamentalist

We’ve all experienced that feeling of dread going through airport security. It comes with the territory of having brown skin. But the reality for those who have faced racial profiling is much more harsh and crude than what we could imagine.

Mira Nair’s new film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist explores this very real experience. Based on the novel by Mohsin Hamid, the film follows Changez (Riz Ahmed from Trishna) as he hustles on Wall Street, looking for fame and fortune with his artist girlfriend, Erica (Kate Hudson). But when the Twin Towers are attacked, a cultural divide begins to crack between Changez and Erica.

reluctant fundamentalist 2

Changez’s dream soon begins to slip into nightmare: profiled, wrongfully arrested, strip-searched and interrogated, he is transformed from a well-educated, businessman to a scapegoat and perceived enemy. Taking us through the culturally rich and beguiling worlds of New York, Lahore and Istanbul, The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a story about conflicting ideologies where perception and suspicion have the power to determine life or death.

Mark your calendars and start your book clubs. The Reluctant Fundamentalist releases around the world on April 26, 2013.