Profile: Daniel Pillai is Bollywood Insider

Multi-platform journalist. Master baker. Cocktail afficianado. Bollywood lover. Meet Daniel Ashwin Pillai.

Daniel Ashwin Pillai Jugni Style

Passionate, wired and addicted. You may know him as a Bollywood Insider for OMNI TV’s Bollywood Blvd or as a journalist with the Wall Street Journal India Online and Anokhi Media. We know Daniel as a style conscious, social media savvy guy, tapped into the social and entertainment scenes in Toronto and around the world.

We sat down with Daniel to find out about his many, many obsessions.

Daniel Ashwin Pillai Jugni Style the Obsessino

Jugni Style: What are you currently obsessed with?

Daniel: Life. Passion. Food.

JS: If you could star as a hero in any 90s film, who would that be?

DP: Can I make that a heroine? I’d love to be Madhuri Dixit…it’s always been a dream and forever will be!

JS: Wardrobe items you can’t live without.

DP: Blazers (casual and dressy), pocket scarves, shiny black and brown dress shoes, jeans. A nice pair of dark jeans that fit well is a must. These are my ESSENTIALS.

JS: Your idea of a style crime is…

DP: White socks with dress shoes…and I see it happen all the time. Yuck!

JS: Beauty/grooming products you can’t live without.

DP: There are so many items! The ones I cannot live without on a daily basis are: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF, eye cream, hand cream and lip balm (I’m always trying new kinds), Clarins Shave Oil, Vasanti’s BrightenUp scrub and my Clairsonic battery operated facial cleanser.

JS: In the shower, you’re singing…

DP: Usually a song by Shania Twain or Beyonce, or the latest Bollywood tune.

JS: You knew you wanted to work in showbiz when…

DP: I first shook my hips to a Madhuri Dixit song. I was six years old when I first performed “Ek Do Teen” at my sister’s first birthday party – a performance for one and all. At that point, I knew I wanted to entertain people – I didn’t know I’d end up working in the entertainment industry.

JS: Television show you PVR every week.

DP: I make sure that I watch every episode of “Braxton Family Values” and “Drop Dead Diva”, two TV faves right now!

JS: Have you ever completed a marathon?

DP: Never, but I’d be open to the idea in the future. Right now I can barely walk a flight of stairs without panting. (OMFG…that’s so bad!!!)

JS: Who is the most important person in your life?

DP: The women in my life are the most important: My Mother, My Grandmother and My Sister.

JS: You can’t live without…

DP: Cheese, Carbs, Chocolate and Wine. I feel so bad writing this, lol!