Watch: Deepa Mehta Talks About Race, Motherhood and 5 Must-See Movies

It’s rare that we have the opportunity to interview someone who can laugh about Jurassic Park, list five must-see international art-house films and then comment on the complexities of race and motherhood, but director Deepa Mehta does just that in our interview.Deepa Mehta interview

The Academy Award-nominated Canadian filmmaker (Water, Earth, Fire, Midnight’s Children) talked about the process behind filmmaking and also shared some insight into her upcoming film adaptation of the novel, Secret Daughter:

“It really moved me tremendously. Again, it’s about the total amalgamation of what it means to be a white mother who’s adopted a brown kid from India… And of course that’s just what’s happening, where you know, you have Madonna with her black kid… Or you have Angelina Jolie with her brood. What does it mean to adopt, the responsibility, and can you connect with somebody? And you’re not talking about an adult, but we’re talking about a child, can you connect with a child?”

How much is it, oh I’m saving somebody. I’m saving somebody from the abject penury…and female feticide and blah blah blah. And all of that is true. But that baggage that you actually impose on another, on the kid, is enormous. So it’s about the growth of this white woman and their relationship which isn’t always pleasant but it’s very very strong.”

Watch the full interview with Deepa Mehta below. 

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Video Interview By: Naveen Girn