It's the satorial edge you need to shift your suit from tired and blah, to "hello, handsome." Channel your inner Draper with a pair of white gold cufflinks set with baguette diamonds from Mark Lash's recently launched, Men's Collection. Featuring rose and white gold jewelry, Toronto-based jeweller, Mark Lash, combines a steely, masculine aesthetic with lux diamond embellishments, including appearances by the ellusive black diamond. And our favourite part: we think women can rock these pieces too.









There are multiple origin stories for the stunning black diamond, or carbonado, which has only been found in parts of Brazil and the northern African continent. The stories range from the extraterrestrial (maybe they came with ET?), to conversion of carbon under high pressure. However they got here, black diamonds add a distinct allure to a piece of jewelry, elevating a ring from understated to mysterious and sexy.

We did a double-take when we saw Mark Lash's black diamond rimmed rings. And when we saw the price. Ranging from $2,800 for a minimalist brushed white gold ring with black diamonds, to an 18kt white gold chain, finished in black rhodium and embellished with black diamonds at $29,800, these are special occasion pieces for your favourite guy (or yourself!).






While a black diamond encrusted skull pendant may not make you swoon, we were eyeing the sexy diamond-covered cufflinks (at a cool $14,800) that could add the perfect sparkle to a woman's outfit as well. Diamonds that work double duty? Get us on that waitlist.

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