DIY Beauty: Coconut Oil Skincare Done 4 Ways

We’re dialling it back old skool with our beauty regime. Like way back to when we were kids, and mom used to massage coconut oil into our hair.Coconut oil for hair Indian beauty

If you are one of the unfortunate few who haven’t experienced the benefits of coconut oil, prepare to be blown away. We show you how to use coconut oil four different ways, and that doesn’t even include cooking with it.


1. Hair Oil (Obviously!)

If you haven’t tried it, head to the local South Asian grocer and pick up a bottle. Any brand will do, and they usually come in under $5. If you want to be very fancy, go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for a bottle of extra virgin cold-pressed organic coconut oil, but we like our cheap Indian variety.

In the winter, massage a small amount of oil into your scalp and a little more to the ends of your hair. Lay a towel on top of your bed and sleep with the oil in your hair. In the morning, wash as usual. Voila! Extra cheap, nourishing hair treatment. In the summer, massage some oil into the ends of your hair before washing as usual. You can also use the oil as a replacement for conditioner. Apply after washing and gently comb it through your hair, avoiding applying too much oil near your scalp so you don’t end up with an oily head.Coconut oil indian beauty hair treatment

2. Shaving Oil

This stuff is awesome. Massage some coconut oil into your legs or armpits and then shave as usual. So smooth, so soft and so easy. Plus you don’t have to use any bright pink or green shaving cream.

3. Make-up Remover

Apply a little bit of oil to a cotton pad, swipe over your eyes, lips and cheeks, and repeat as necessary until your makeup is gone. Wash your face, tone and moisturize as usual. Jugni Style Tip: Almond oil is also great as a lighter makeup remover.

4. Body Moisturizer

After showering, massage a small amount of oil into your skin or just swipe it all over your body. It works even better when applied to damp skin.


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