We call it our magic eraser. A formula to cure emotional, wine-soaked, at-home hair dye jobs, thanks to our favourite actress/do-it-yourself beauty pro, Anita Majumdar.

Hair Dye

It was February. You know what that means.

Well, I know what it means for me. My Christmas lights were still up and my Christmas tree was “de-pining” itself in the corner, all in order to trick myself into thinking it was still okay to eat my weight in shortbread cookies.

In other words, I needed a change.

That usually means going to Shopper’s Drug Mart at 11:00 p.m. on a Saturday night and buying myself a box of hair dye that I think will make my hair look like Chantal Kreviazuk in those Garnier commercials. I do this without consulting a friend or, you know… a professional! And what usually results is my hair getting way too dark (I’m a brown girl with brown hair after all) So I re-dye it, CRY, re-dye, re-dye and re-dye again until I finally agree to give over my pay cheque to a stylist and wait for my hair to grow back.

There has to be a better way.

Ladies, what I’m about to share with you is the holy grail fixer of “I-dyed-my-hair-too-dark-and-I-want-something-that-isn’t-peroxide-to-fix-it.” You can take a few layers off the hair colour you put in without stripping your hair follicles with major chemicals (or dish soap).


Here’s what you need:

2 tablespoons Baby Shampoo
(6) 1000 mg Vitamin C tablets

  1. Crush your 6 vitamin C tablets (I put mine in a ziplock bag, and then take a hammer to crush them up into a powder).
  2. Then add the powder to your 2 Tbs of Baby Shampoo and mix it up till forms an even paste.
  3. Apply and massage this into dry hair and leave it in for an hour (or a little longer depending on how much colour you want to take off).
  4. Wash out the shampoo and condition/dry your hair as per your usual routine.
  5. Repeat if necessary.

**NOTE: This only works on hair that’s been coloured too dark. This will NOT fix hair that has been lightened or bleached.

Same Same But Different Anita Majumdar

Anthony Malarky and Anita Majumdar from Same Same But Different. Photo by Michael Cooper.

Anita Majumdar is an award-winning actress, playwright and choreographer and best known for her roles in Midnight’s Children, Murder Unveiled and her self-written solo show, Fish Eyes. As this year’s Governor General Protegé Prize recipient in Playwriting, she premiered her upcoming Bollywood musical, Same Same But Different, in Toronto on February 18 and Calgary in Spring 2014. Anita is also a judge on Bollywood Star, a new docu-series for Omni/CityTV which follows the search for Canada’s next big Bollywood actor.