DIY Beauty Miracles: Anita Majumdar’s Leg Shaving Oil

It’s not a secret that I love all things skincare. And makeup. Oh, and hair! But lately I’ve been finding ways to do it myself at home and finding better results than the stuff I’ve shelled out $75 and upwards for.Anita Majumdar canadian actress

After sharing her money saving, skin treating, DIY oil cleanser, actress Anita Majumdar shares another one of her secret beauty remedies. (Photograph from Cahoot’s Theatre Company & Nightswimming’s production, ‘Bombay Black’)

I was hanging out with the gals at Jugni Style a while back when I mentioned how I stumbled on a DIY shaving oil that stopped razor bumps and ingrown leg hair in their tracks, and Joti and Manjot asked if I would share it with the Jugni Style readers, ASAP!

First a disclaimer. Yes. I’m a brown girl. No. I don’t wax. Here’s why.

anita majumdar bombay blackThe only time I’ve attempted to wax my legs was just before I was about to go on tour for Bombay Black. I have this habit of forgetting to shave my legs in the winter (because in Toronto, my legs never see the light of day until May!). Bombay Black had me wearing a very unforgiving costume that revealed my legs every time I twirled (which in this play, was all about the twirling!). I thought I was being very proactive: “This way I won’t have to worry about shaving on the road and I’ll never be embarrassed for forgetting,” I thought.

So I went to a spa for what seemed to be the longest 2.5 hours of my life. The girl not only burned my leg with the wax a few times, she spent the last hour tweezing out most of the hair. Bruised (literally!) and embarrassed, I went to rehearsal the next day and we were about to do a full run of the show in costume and my very hetero, very male director, who makes it a point never to comment on women’s bodies asks, “Um Anita… did something happen to your legs?”

That was precisely when I decided I just wasn’t meant to wax in this lifetime. Just good ‘ol shaving for me.

But this shaving oil recipe has helped trick me into thinking I wax my legs!


Almond Oil Shaving Formula

almond oil witch hazel

  1. Heat some almond oil in a pan to a simmer point (not boiling, but so it swushes around the pan like water).
  2. Take the almond oil off heat, get a clean, empty bottle and fill 80% of the bottle with the heated almond oil.
  3. Then take some Thayer’s Witch Hazel, which you can find in pretty much any health food store (I usually use the Rose Petal or the Lavender scents) and fill the remaining 20% of the bottle with witch hazel.
  4. *OPTIONAL* Take an essential oil like Lavender or Rose or Chamomile and add 7-10 drops into the bottle. These oils aid in soothing and healing the skin.
  5. Leave the bottle unclosed and let the almond oil cool. Once it’s at room temperature close it up and keep it in your bathroom.
  6. When you’re about to shave your legs, exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin cells (I use exfoliating gloves from the Body Shop or Shoppers).
  7. Shake the shaving oil bottle so the almond oil & witch hazel mix (it tends to separate if left untouched). Apply the shaving oil liberally on your legs. I use about 2 loonie size amounts for my whole leg. Then shave to your heart’s content and rinse.

There’s no need to soap off the oil (unless you have really oily skin). This stuff leaves your skin really soft, moisturized and best of all, bump-free. In the summer, I can get away with a very light lotion after using this stuff (and I have very dry skin).

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


Photography: John Lauener, from Cahoot’s Theatre Company & Nightswimming’s production, ‘Bombay Black’