We were so excited when actress and writer Anita Majumdar shared her not-so-secret-anymore recipe for an oil cleanser.

Find out how to concoct your own cleanser in a few, easy, affordable steps. Thanks for sharing Anita! [PS. We added a “how to use the oil cleanser” section to help you use the product too]

Anita Majumdar1. You have to use two oils. The first oil depends on your skin type – you can choose which oil works best for what you need. I have dry-combination skin, so I use grape seed oil.

2. The second oil, and this one’s important, is castor oil. This is the oil that’s going to do the cleaning. Again, depending on your skin type, you choose how much caster oil you put in. For me, I put in 80-90% grade seed oil, to 10-20% castor oil (depending on the season) in a bottle.

Beauty Tip: Be careful how much castor oil you put in. Despite the fact that it’s oil, castor oil can be really drying and make you dry out and then break out. You actually don’t need that much (for dry skin).

3. Then I usually scent it with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Shu-Uemura has started selling an oil cleanser as well, which always makes me laugh when I see it at Sephora. You can make your own for a fraction of the cost and you know that there are no extra ingredients or preservatives.

How to use the product:

1. Let it sit on your face for about 2-5 minutes (that’s what I do for my dry-combo skin, but if you have oily skin leave it on a little longer).

2. Then take a face towel and soak it in really hot water (a little hotter than a shower, but not so hot you scald your face!) and first press it to your face and hold it there (to create a “steam effect” like you do in a facial). Then gently use the towel to take off the oil. This dissolves the oil and dirt and takes it off your face. Soak the towel in hot water again and keep repeating till the oil is gone, but your skin is soft and clean.

Beauty Tip: The only thing other thing I would say is use high quality oil. Don’t just go to the food aisle at Safeway and grab what’s cheapest. It’s going on your face, and you’ll save cash in the long run, so get organic, good quality oils.


Secret Oil Cleansing Recipe By: Anita Majumdar