#TBT – DJ Sanj and Lehmber Hussainpuri’s “Das Ja”

With the City of Bhangra Festival starting today in Vancouver, we take a trip down memory lane with DJ Sanj and Lehmber Hussainpuri’s classic bhangra song, “Das Ja.”

Lehmber Hussainpuri DJ Sanj Das Ja

When DJ Sanj teamed up with singer Lehmber Hussainpuri for “Das Ja” in 2003, it provided the perfect launch for his career. A perennial favourite at wedding receptions, the song was a huge success, and three years later, Lehmber headlined the 2006 City of Bhangra Festival in Vancouver.

DJ Sanj started out making mix tapes in Toronto during the early 90s, but his career flourished when he shifted to the UK. Lehmber and DJ Sanj have since collaborated on many albums, but there’s something special about “Das Ja.”

The song is a perfect encapsulation of DJ Sanj’s early style: simple beats, good lyrics, and one talented vocalist at the helm. The video showcases all the hallmarks of early millenial style: bros dancing in the club, a dhol player, unimpressed gyrating women, and a baby-faced hero singing behind the bar. It’s a nice reminder of DJ Sanj’s early roots and the sound that characterized his production values as opposed to his contemporaries. While the video has aged, the song lives on at wedding reception halls across the diaspora.

DJ Sanj performs at the 10th Annual City of Bhangra Festival on June 7, 2014.