Breasts are always on our mind. Push them up, push them together, push them flat – they're just always there, you know? Big, medium or small, support yours with more than a lace push-up bra – keep your mammary glands healthy and happy with these tips on breast health.

1. DO NOT forget those monthly breast exams. If you've never done one before, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has a good guide on what to look for. Remember to apply firm pressure, and if you have no idea how your mammary glands are supposed to feel, ask your doctor for a how-to session.

2. If there's someone in your life who's touch you enjoy, get them in on the exam. Have your favourite girl/guy administer your breast exam with you. Don't forget this guide when training your assistant.

3. Encourage, push or force the important women in your life to pay attention to their breasts. It isn't all about sensitive nipples and milk delivery. They're there to look good, so keep them healthy and happy.

4. Age ain't nothing but a number. You're never too young to pay attention to your breasts. Get acquainted with them in your 20s and keep up the relationship. Once you're 40, talk to your doctor about mammogram testing. 

5. Take inspiration from exceptional women. It's scary to think about cancer, but look to women like Bif Naked (diagnosed at 36 after a self exam found a lump in her breast) who have overcome disease to be strong and happy. 

For more information, visit your GP or the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation website.

Our favourite Bollywood princess is in on the breast awareness campaign – Sonam Kapoor is an ambassador for the Ogaan Cancer Foundation and ELLE Magazine's Breast Cancer Campaign in India.