It’s nippy outside, so I’ve been opting to stay in some nights, curled up with a glass of Pinot and spending¬†hours¬†a little time watching Netflix.

Cable knit socks for fall holiday 2014

The best part is not the binge movie watching or the wine, or even wearing my faded, fourteen year old pajamas. It’s the socks. Cosy, shearling-lined, cable knit socks that keep my toes warm and calves snug.

My original pair was gifted at an Indigo holiday media preview, but I’ve indulged in a second pair since then. They are perfection on a cold day, and a great idea for Diwali or Christmas gifting to friends and family. My grandma in Chandigarh is going to love these in December.

Shearling Reading Socks at Indigo, comes in four colours, $34.50 a pair.