In 2010, we interviewed Delhi 2 Dublin, the hugely successful Canadian band that confuses and delights people with their mix of Electro-Celtic-Dub-Bhangra music. Today’s #throwbackThursday takes us back to that interview in Toronto.

Delhi 2 Dublin interview san-j

Lead singer Sanjay Saran getting photobombed by a very mischievous looking bandmate, Ravi Binning. 


Delhi 2 Dublin, or D2D, have released several albums and performed all around the world since our interview four years ago. Back then, they had just released their sophomore album, Planet Electric (mixed by DJ Swami!), that revealed a fun, playful sound, including a song about “Coca Cola Raang,” a shout out to us more “dusky” or darker skinned gals.

Watch our interview with D2D front man, Sanjay, about life on the road, Transformers and music. Plus, see concert footage from their 2010 Toronto performance at The Revival.

Planet Electric is available on iTunes and at


Video Production By: Naveen Girn