from the archive, the weight


Air India/Canada. Canada/Air India.

Into this sage, there is 1985 and after in the after-time,


there is no doubt. There is judgment. Do not recall.

Appropriate limitations. Temples-gurdwaras-churches-synagogues.


Truth and its examplar. [Emphasis added]

Limited time, limited pain. Vital interests.


Exhibits and suspicion. The public interest.

Federal and provincial. Over-classification. Over-


redaction.Rules of Practice. Happens all the time.

A judge. The accused. Credibility and children: under age,


under ocean. Inappropriate classifications. Tapes and wiretaps.

Malice and intention. Identification of relevant information.


Endless house. A judge. Eighty-two children.

Specific references. Assumptions.


Endless hours. It can only be hoped.

Monuments and memorials.


Requests and charges. Staff and agencies. Frequency and coordinates.

Formulations and charges. Compilations and purposes.


Current procedures. Tens of thousands. Indices.

Redactions. Songs. Prayers. Effective notice.


Yielding and data. Mountains and ocean.

Thorough and slow. Terms of Reference.


Fulfillment and impartiality. Stonewalling. Sections.

Charter and contributions. Open. Close. Transparent,




From Children of Air India: un/authorized exhibits and interjections. 2013, Nightwood Editions, Page 78.

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Excerpt courtesy Renee Sarojini Saklikar, Nightwood Editions and Harbour Publishing.