Album Review: Fateh’s “Bring it Home”

Every successful artist, at some point in their early career, has a defining project that transitions them from “up-and-coming” to “prime.”

fateh_bring-it-home-album_artwork-final-updateThis is a moment that provides reflection, triumph, and gratitude. Drake had his moment with Nothing was the Same.

Bring it Home is Fateh’s moment.

Canadian desi hip hop artist Fateh has stayed loyal to his fanbase with Punjabi influences in sound and lyrics, but manages to stay fresh by revealing bits and pieces of him we haven’t seen before. “Tareekan” gets deep, touching on heavy topics like cancer and death, while tracks like “15 Minutes” and “Your Type” are flirtier than anything we’ve heard from him before.

Fateh Bring it Home album review

There’s a strong sense of community and brotherhood in the process, content, and outcome of the album. While it may be his first solo album, Bring it Home is largely collaborative, with features from The PropheC, Raaginder, Amar Sandhu, and PAM.

“100 Bande” is by far one of the most memorable tracks on the album, and will likely serve as the new “We Dem Boys” for Punjabi speaking men under the age of 30.

The response to Bring it Home by the South Asian community has been wildly welcoming. Artists like Jazzy B, KayRay, Arjun, Inkuisitive, The Sandy Lion, Rupi Kaur, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Heems have voiced their support for Fateh’s debut solo album on social media. After listening to it start to finish a couple of times, we understand why.

Bring it Home is available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

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