Protect your pretty peepers with this season’s hottest shades.

Shades are a must have for spring and summer – just like shoes and jewelry, they complete your look with the added benefit of protecting your eyes from the less appealing side effects of the sun. Prada, Rayban, Miu Miu and Gucci all have gorgeous glasses to shade your eyes from the sun, but if your snit this season, try H&M, Aldo and Zara for lenses that protect without hurting your pocketbook.

There are a wide variety of styes and colours to suit your every look, with this year’s styles ranging from aviators and coloured frames, to plastic frames, metals frames, oversize and more. And with multiple styles available, there’s no reason why you can’t wear different glasses with different outfits. Accessorize your outfits with a different pair of shades the same way you would accessorize a dress or beach outfit with shoes and jewelry. Rock a pair of metal framed aviators with a salwar kameez or breezy summer sari. Or, when you’re meeting your girls on the patio for cocktails, slip on a pair of plastic wayfarers and just like that, you’re Audery Hepburn. Say hello, Ms. Golightly.

OVERSIZED                            AVIATORS                                   CLUB MIXER                          BUG EYES

WAYFARERS                              WAYFARERS

Story by: Joti Dhesi