With the sun finally coming out in Vancouver, we feel the need to get out and experience all the city has to offer. Good thing the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival starts this week.  Here is our must-see list – straight from the insiders.


Directed by Sophie Ann Rooney

Agam Darshi, the brain-child behind VISAFF actually stars in this film about a young girl who dreams of becoming a Bollywood actress.  Be honest, we all can relate to fantasies of singing and dancing in a Bollywood film, and this hilarious yet touching film is all about taking risks and living your dream.





Directed by Ron Garcha

Curry Powder, is Vancouver raised – Ron Garcha’s third short film.  This is a musical comedy about cultural misconceptions and stereotypes, specifically revolving around Indians. On their first date, Amy invites Raj over for dinner and tries to impress him with becoming “Indian”, yet knows nothing about the culture.
Directed by Gregg Helvey

As we already blogged, Kavi is a must see at VISAFF.  The 2010 Oscar nominated short film is about a boy in India who wants to play cricket and go to school, but is forced to work as a brick layer as a modern-day slave. Bring your Kleenex for this one.

Directed by Jonathon Joffe

Jonathan Joffe is a Canadian based director/writer who has won more than 17 awards with his films screened in over 50 festivals worldwide. His show DeSiCiTi is a television comedy series about four South Asian women living in New York City and their search for balance between their careers, finding love and creating their cultural identity. Sound familiar?



Directed by Mani Amar

The South Asian community in Metro Vancouver has been shaken by youth and gang violence. This documentary by Mani Amar focuses on the grim statistics and their connections to the Sikh Community. Look out for Jugni Style’s very own Sukhi Ghuman, who also shares her views on the topic.


Directed by Dilip Mehta

We missed this light-hearted film when it was in town for VIFF but will be sure to catch it this time around at VISAFF. Cooking with Stella is about an unsuspecting Canadian couple that must move to New Delhi. They inherit a household of Indian servants headed by the charming and inspirational cook – Stella (played by uber-talented Seema Biswas), and this is when the fun begins.



These films and more will be playing at the film festival on Saturday, June 26 at the Vancity Theatre. Also enjoy a 15 minute Music Video Segment followed by a Panel Discussion on “The Changing Face of Media” featuring Monika Deol, Corrine Clar, Zahf Paroo, Vic Sarin, and Laara Sadiq.

Order tickets and see schedules at http://visaff.com

Story By: Sukhi Ghuman