Fine dining in Toronto is an eclectic mix of cultures, flavours, aromas and textures, but where to go when we're relegated to the 'burbs? Elegant Italian can be had at Thornhill's Terra Restaurant, a divine destination where you can dine on risotto, oysters and their sigh-inducing cheese selection, without venturing downtown. 


When we're in the mood for fine dining, we'll gather a group of our best chums, dress in our stunning, saved-for-a-night-out clothes, and head to Downtown Toronto. The hustle and bustle of streetcars, honking horns of taxis, people walking about and the chatter of a group of friends across the street contribute to the fine dining experience.

But now I can add a fine dining hot spot north of the downtown core. Nestled on Yonge Street in Thornhill (Vaughan), lies a posh, chic and trendy restaurant catering to the sophisticated flavor palette. 

At Terra Restaurant, you can expect to find a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, decorated with warm hues of red, beige and yellow, and a staff that is more inviting than a dinner invitation itself. 

The menu ranges from creamy Italian pastas like Gnocchi, to chicken, lamb, veal and steak entrees that are prepared to perfection. A decadent dessert menu is a treat to the eyes with a selection that is fine-tuned to European standards, and to end, coffee is served to guests upon order in individual French Presses. How elegant!

Finally, fine Italiano without the trip Downtown.

Terra Restaurant
8199 Yonge Street
Story By: Daniel Pillai  |  Photography: