“Freak” by Rishi Rich Project ft. Jay Sean and Juggy D

We really, really wanted to love this song. We were huge fans of the Rishi Rich Project back in the day. Those blond highlights, Juggy’s crazy dance moves, and killer music production from Rishi Rich. But their comeback track, “Freak,” has our love divided.

Jay Sean Juggy D Rishi Rich Freak Video

What we loved: That they reunited to make a song after so many years. Fantastic! Decent music production that had us bopping up and down despite our reservations. Use of tumbi to desify the song. The behind-the-scenes footage in the video (although possibly manufactured) are cute.

What we didn’t like: The biceps. Come on guys, too much working out and stuff! Tone it down a bit. Juggy D’s vocals sound pitchy and less deep than before. The shots from Jay Sean’s tour – we get it, Jay is the bigger star but it’s essentially a Jay Sean video (and song) with a sprinkle of Juggy D.

That all said, we’ve had the song on repeat since it dropped last week, so I’d say they’ve got a hit on their hands. Rishi Rich Project forever!


Watch “Freak” by the Rishi Rich Project