This was a surprise. Freida Pinto stars as a pole dancing stripper in Bruno Mars’ new music video for “Gorilla.” It’s dark and steamy, and unexpected from the actor.

Freida Pinto in Bruno Mars video Gorilla

Directed by Bruno Mars, Freida plays a sexed up stripper who writhes and spins on stage in fancy looking lingerie while Bruno watches and sings off-stage. The video, which is for Bruno Mars’ fourth single from his album, Unorthodox Jukebox, is punctuated with scenes set in the backseat of a cab where her and Bruno are, “making love like gorillas.”

We’re surprised that Freida agreed to star in this misogynist video. Do you think it’s a brilliant career move for Freida Pinto? Her latest magazine cover and editorial spread for Vogue India suggests she’s trying for an edgier image that moves beyond her frequent red carpet appearances for L’Oreal Paris. Will Hollywood directors take note?

Freida Pinto Vogue India and Grazia Magazine covers


Watch “Gorilla” and tell us what you think. Warning: NSFW!