“May tonight be your liberation.” – Lady Gaga. 

Like most Little Monsters (Lady Gaga fans), I bought tickets to the Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour when she was in Toronto this past week. It was a night of amazing lights, sounds, music and incredible Gaga style outfits and entertainment. 

Following the 2010 Toronto Pride Festival last week, Lady Gaga’s performance was an extension of the positive messages of peace, love and acceptance, not only for each other, but for ourselves. 

Lady Gaga has always been fashionable and always combined her sense of high fashion with her quirky and outrageous attitude. With that said, her clothing and her music were expected to be beyond amazing and it was, but what was comforting was the narrative that framed her performances. There was a beginning, middle and end to the Monster Ball – it was not a concert, it was a story she was sharing with her fans.






Gaga’s Monster Ball was not only about music and performance, it was about traveling and overcoming many of life’s obstacles to reach her ultimate destination – The Monster Ball where she, along with her fans can find liberation, peace and acceptance for who they are. These life experiences included overcoming insecurities about body image, finding comfort in your own sexuality, finding the freedom to express yourself and of course her very serious and in your face comment on fame and its effect on individuals in today’s society. 

Gaga even made it a point in her tour to scream out to her fans and say “no one has the power to take away your sense of self and the Monster will free you beyond belief”. She proclaimed, “the Monster Ball is where my fans can celebrate themselves for who we are and what we can become. It is a place where my fans can go and find peace.”